Yesterday Was A Pretty Good Day At Work

I got loads of compliments on my outfit (a matching white and gold pin-strip blouse and long skirt) even though I had the nagging feeling of being over dressed on the way to work this morning. I s’pose after nearly twelve years of jeans and golf shirts I still need to get used to dressing nicely everyday. I also had my first official training session this morning, and where I was expecting to take five or ten guys briefly through our reporting system and allocate user IDs to them at the same time. I ended up with a boardroom full- about thirty people- mostly high level management too! I was juuuuust a little flustered and because I wasn’t even in the same boardroom I expected to be in I had a bit of a hinky start. But my boss as well as the client who called for the training in the first place both complimented me on my confidence and a good presentation. Now I have another training session on Thursday- which I’m a little worried about because even though it’s a small group and a short session, it won’t be as easy to prepare for as the one I did on Monday morning. The only real thing that’s playing on my mind now is that my car is giving me grief… it’s either my starter motor or it’s my battery- you know when you turn the key and all you get is a click… I’m hoping it’s just my battery- it’s a lot faster and cheaper to fix than the starter motor. And of course having it looked at means yet more time off work!

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