Mental Telepathy Is Dead

Tragically it is clearly no more. If it still worked, then Babe would have picked up on the vibes I was sending out furiously for the last twenty four hours, and said no to Damien. But she didn’t say no, and not only did Babe not say no to him being her date for her birthday party; she is now Damien’s girlfriend full time. I feel pressed to take drastic action- but I don’t want to upset Damien. . . Does anyone know what the male equivalent of a convent is and whether there are any in South Africa I can transfer Damien into by next week?!? Does the male contraception pill exist yet? Can a mother get it for her son if he’s under eighteen years old? Okay. Deep breath. Calm down to a mild panic. . . what are all-you-all’s views here? Would you put your boys on the pill were it available? And please people, do remember I am writing this as one who lost her virginity at fifteen, was pregnant at sixteen and a mom by seventeen years of age (I only had one boyfriend- I wasn’t promiscuous). I’m writing as one who made her parent’s grandparents before they were forty! I DON’T WANNA BE A GRANNY BEFORE I’M FORTY!!! Ideas? Opinions? Objections?

2 thoughts on “Mental Telepathy Is Dead

  1. I have always said that when my boys start dating, I’ll be giving them money and condoms at the same time when they go out. condoms WILL be freely available in my home and it will be expected that they wear them. LOL

  2. I say chaparone them. No dates alone. If they go to a movie or whatever – chaparone them. Thats all i can think of – and being as young as they are, it is not unwise.

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