If Bad Language Offends You- Read No Further

i have mentioned before that i try hard to refrain from swearing on my site because i want damien to read it one day… at one stage i couldn’t say two words without swearing and i realised that apart from being contrary to my claim on christianity- a LOT of people can’t handle it, and when using the word “fuck” in a sentence with said morons- they take it very personally! today’s (relatively short) post is about the way damien talks to me. and its about how i cannot. fucking. stand. it. any. more! is that blunt enough? i wish i could record it so you could grasp my anger and frustration because i know when you read it here it seems like a gross exaggeration- especially given my penchant towards paranoia. but seriously- i do not even get a good morning. when he wakes up he’s pissed off. he doesn’t talk to anyone else that way, he wouldn’t have any friends if he did so i know he doesn’t. and by his own admission he doesn’t talk to his friends that way. and i’ve watched and listened to him with our extended friends and family- he doesn’t do it to them either. so why the fucking hell is it okay to do it to me!?!?!?!?!?!?!? i cannot take it any longer. it’s one of the reasons i consulted the shrink in the first place and i have a horrible feeling damien is going to come out of his two sessions alone with doctor young smelling like roses and once again i’m going to be the one he wants to see on a regular basis. how- for christmas sake- do i get damien to stop snapping at me like i’m paid to do this?!?!? some members of my family have heard how he talks to me, so they will understand that i am not exaggerating- but i don’t think even they grasp how bad it is. every. fucking. day. is. the. same. he wakes up all but swearing at me because i had the audacity to wake him. then everything i suggest he answers in a way that would suggest i was the child and he the grown up. most days, i can contain myself, but every few weeks i lose it- i am honestly suprised that he hasn’t gone to school with a fat lip yet because i have to focus real hard on not back handing his smart mouth! aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggghhhhh!

3 thoughts on “If Bad Language Offends You- Read No Further

  1. Don’t let. Whatever he asks you to do, don’t until he does it in a nice voice. don’t do anything for him while he is talking to you in such a voice. HUGS!!!!!!

  2. Oh I SO know how you feel. I have exactly the same thing with M!!!!! I want to throttle him sometimes. And it makes no difference that he has a full time dad – trust me. It is very frustrating. I am so understanding where you are coming from.

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