So, What’s The First Thing You Think Of

Or the worst thing you think of, when you turn the corner into “your” street… and there’s a bloody great fire engine parked outside your block of flats? I’ll tell you people- neurotic paranoia like mine makes for some very interesting scenarios. . . all flying through my head at once and at a serious rate of knots too! I won’t bore you with the detail. That was me on Friday night. We had been to Jo’Burg during one helluva storm to see Damien’s doctor for his monthly appointment and prescription. We then waited out the worst of the storm before attempting the drive back and promptly got stuck in traffic- more than ten minutes to go less than four kilometers. Bloody marvelous! Seeing no flames, no smoke, or a crowd, we went to get ourselves a few movies. We rented Gremlins which Damien enjoyed, Star Trek Nemesis which wouldn’t play, First Wives Club which I thoroughly loved- after my initial confusion when Damien put the DVD in and programmed it for Italian. . . or whatever it was. I must find the CD for a band called “Nizlopi”, they sing something called The JCB Song and I just love it- it was on the radio Friday night!
Saturday morning we went to fetch Damien’s phone- repaired under warranty- YAY! We went to the bank to get Damien’s second replacement bank card. We went to get Damien some new clothes for the party he was going to that night. And we went to the chemist to fill Damien’s Concerta script and replace my Budeflam daily asthma pump. In the afternoon we went to a nearby foster home with five or six HIV positive children to help sort donated clothing into age appropriate bags for distribution to other homes. Then I took Damien home to titivate for Babe’s party. Then I picked up sister B and after we dropped off Damien at the party (and after getting lost trying to find the house) we went to the mall closest to Babes house and browsed in book shops and gift shops, we chatted, drank coffee, and ate carrot and cheese cake. And I walked into a shop door! I was giggling at something we’d seen in the shop and not looking where I was going- I assumed the door was open and walked very hard into it with the left side of my face! I giggled even harder after that! No bruising or anything, just very red immediately after and my cheekbone is a little tender. Then sister B and I went to see Mystery Of The Nile on IMAX! Man- it was IN.CREDIBLE. It was sister B’s first IMAX experience and for me- the best I’ve ever seen. Then we browsed and shopped some more before fetching Damien.
Sunday morning was church as usual- and a vestry meeting which delayed the proceedings a bit. Then Damien and I went home to housework. . . WOOHOO! Dishes, washing, general picking up and such. And you KNOW how much I love that! Damien picked up all the clothes on his floor, desk and desk chair and packed them all away nicely- like I asked him to. So on Sunday afternoon I took Damien to IMAX to see the same movie sister B and I had seen on Saturday. He thoroughly enjoyed it, and kept telling me to shush because I tend to squeal and or scream when I get excited or nervous! Then we stopped at my folks for coffee and a hello (mom’s been sick) before going home again. Oh- and Sunday I bought myself the King Robbie Swing When You’re Winning CD and Damien bought himself the Ratchett And Clank 3 PS2 game. And I took Damien to the gift shop where I walked into the door- and there on the glass was a perfect print of my face- eye squeezed shut and nose all mashed to the side! Then we REALLY giggled!

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