I Have Officially Not Screwed Him Up Entirely

that’s what the psych said. yup. he actually praised me on how well adjusted and intelligent and personable damien actually is. he says- that based on his benchmarks with other teenagers (and since he works particularly with teens he’s seen a lot of them)- damien is far ahead of a lot of them intellectually. he thinks damien is indeed a typical teen in a lot of ways, but mostly he thinks he is exceptional! now how’s that for confirmation that i should be nominated as parent of the century!!!!! and yes- i do know that multiple exclamation marks are supposedly an indication of a mind that’s a little hinky… so. damien needs to learn respect for my space since i have respect for his. and since he doesn’t necessarily go overboard when he visits his friends and our family- it is possible for him to do exactly this. the psych invited both of us to see him if we think we need to- even together if we think we need a referee, but he doesn’t feel damien has any emotional or psychlological problems that would cause him to do what he does. so now it’s back to the drawing board… for both of us.

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  1. Melany says:

    That is great news πŸ™‚ Good job Mom