Too Stunned To Yell!

yesterday, as i was typing the post about damien’s psych results and all that, i was sitting in an internet café… much like the one i’m in now. between each pc station is a slightly raised “desk” i s’pose you could call it. well, yesterday i put my handbag on this desk thingy between me and damien and towards the wall where i could see it. we’d probably been there for about half an hour when i sensed a presence behind me- i look up and to my right and there’s a guy standing there- with my phone in his hand and half out of my handbag! i was speechless people! SPEECHLESS! and this is unusual for me- the last time someone tried to pick my pocket i chased him and rammed him with a full trolley, and another time i grabbed her by the arm and hung on while i screamed for security! as soon as this little fucker saw me looking at him he dropped the phone and walked non-chalantly out of the café! i was literally speechless. damien and i both looked at each other… half expecting a candid camera type moment! the audacity of this son of a bitch was just staggering! i know he couldn’t see my phone without peering into my handbag from above, and the battery alarm was going off too so he knew there was a phone there… but i couldn’t get over him coming into a “shop” where only damien and i were sitting besides an older man behind me- to take my phone out of my handbag- in full view of me! anyhoo- by the time i thought to stand up or yell he was long gone. on our way out of the shopping centre we saw a couple of policemen and asked them to keep a look out for the dude in a yellow t-shirt, but really- i was so angry i could barely speak!! i think if i had caught up with him or something i would have chucked him down the stairs or something!

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4 Responses to Too Stunned To Yell!

  1. Spookie the Warrior says:

    I would have yelled – thats how I am. I react first and think later. I would definitely have yelled at him or something.

  2. Robin says:

    Sometimes we are so stunned,we are speechless. It’s only afterwards,when it’s all over,that we come up with what we wish we said and did.

    I always keep my pocketbook between my feet when I am in a food court so that no one can get it!

    I’m glad you are ok.

  3. Terri says:

    If I’d been there I would’ve helped you throw him down the stairs, the cheeky sod!

    I saw ur 24 questions tag, btw – will get right on it!

  4. Melany says:

    Oh my goodness Angel!!! Glad he didn’t steal it but I would be upset too