I Just Finished Reading:

To start off with- I kinda did a double take and immediately looked for a co-author when I opened the book and found. . . a prologue. Then I read it, relaxed a little. . . only to find ANOTHER prologue! Okay. I figure Pterry’s messing with our heads a little- keeping us on our toes so to speak. I settle myself down again and prepare to start reading, I turn the page. . . and there on page 13 of my paperback. . . GASP, SPLUTTER, CHOKE. . . Pterry has succeeded in achieving the TRIPLE WHAMMY folks! Chapter One The Angel (with a brief outline of the chapter). Never before have I seen this, and this is the twenty ninth of the thirty Discworld stories. I have read them all- except the thirtieth one (Thud! has only just come out here & it’s not in paperback yet)- at least twice. I cannot tell a lie, I went back to the cover again to look for a co-author or some such to explain this new twist. Not one of the other Discworld books has ever had chapters. Pterry was known for this little writing quirk. Maybe he’s just making sure those of us who think we know what’s happening are kept in suspense? I think he must be an exceptionally interesting man to talk to, cowboy hat aside. Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed the adventures of Moist von Lipwig; con-artist turned post master and I highly recommend it (and any other Discworld story of course) as a fantastic read when you really want to take your mind off whatever shit is going on around you. It gets a solid three-blast rating on my asthma inhaler scale.