The Butterfly Phenomenon

Did anybody see it? No, I don’t mean The Butterfly Effect, which was a truly brilliant and mind boggling movie. I’m talking about the butterfly phenomenon. If I remember correctly- it recurs every year round this time- at least in Gauteng. . . suddenly everywhere you look there are thousands of white butterflies and they’re all flying North! There are a few of those brownish gold ones in between, but most of them are white. And this carries on for about three or four days. It’s just so pretty, like big snowflakes. Or really big confetti! It actually makes me a little more aware that not everything or everyone around me is constantly in a hurry, especially since I feel lately like I’m constantly about to stand up and rush off somewhere! Kinda like a “stop and smell the roses” moment. . . especially when I remember that it’s happened every year for as long as I can remember. I can’t describe exactly what I feel, and I know this sounds ridiculously soppy, but it’s like God letting me know that there’s hope for me yet. . .

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