How Does That Work?

I was driving to work this morning after dropping Damien off at school
and I took a different route to the one I usually drive because the
highway had all but come to a standstill. Municipal elections happen on
March 1, and there have been posters and adverts up, but all of a sudden
there were political posters everywhere! You can barely see across the
island of a “dual carriageway” road because every pole is covered in
posters as high as a ladder will reach! And each party has several
posters too. And then I noticed that the top part is missing off a
particular poster for the “DA”. . . most of their posters have a red
strip at the top (what they’re against), a yellow strip in the middle
(their promise), then a blue strip at the bottom (their name and logo).
On this particular poster- the red strip had been cut off, and I’m
wondering if someone hasn’t been vandalising them, and if so- why only
this one and not the others?! I mean, I doubt the party would have done
it themselves. . . it doesn’t look good at all! And I saw one poster in
particular for the “HNP” (anyone know what that stands for?) that
puzzled me; it says “WHITES UNITE Don’t Vote”. Huh? At first I giggled
because it made me think of all the Half Nekkid posts and projects that
seem to be popular in the blogosphere lately. Then the wording of the
poster got me thinking. How on earth would NOT voting be beneficial? If
you don’t vote- you can’t complain! And if you don’t vote- how do you
have a say in how your tax money is spent? How can you change anything?
And how on earth does this political party know how many supporters it
has? Does it just decide that everyone who doesn’t vote and happens to
have a “white” name is a supporter of theirs? Just some random thoughts
from this mornings. . .
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