Damien Can Have Some “Leeway” After All

The grade eight department head contacted me on Friday after my meeting with them on Thursday afternoon. I must be honest- when I answered the phone and she told me who was calling- I imagined the worst… I immediately assumed Damien was either in trouble or had gotten hurt- but mischief came to mind first. Gee, can you tell that I have not exactly had good experiences when receiving phone calls from the school? Anyhoo. She said a letter from his doctor could afford Damien extra time during tests and such- even though it’s not legislated yet! She had spoken to the school counselor who actually suggested it. This is the first time in Damien’s school career that a suggestion like this has been volunteered by the school instead of by me. I was surprised, and happy for Damien’s sake.

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2 Responses to Damien Can Have Some “Leeway” After All

  1. Spookie the Warrior says:

    That is good news. Specially on the part of the teachers.

  2. Melany says:

    That is great. I’m happy for him