This is my first… um… contribution to the Flash Fiction Friday project that can be found on purgatorian.blogspot. I plan on making it a weekly thing. His own writing is fascinating, and you can check out the FFF rules on his page.
Remember? How could I forget? I recall it specifically because the…
…dragonlings were jumpy and nervous all morning. While they’ll normally take a finger off as fast as blink- they were shying away from shadows! Just when I was wondering if my second brood of dragonlings would be completely undeliverable due to their sudden display of cowardice; my mind was instantly cleared of any concern for customers who were expecting to take delivery of their (already paid for and very expensive) dragonlings because just then- I caught sight of “them”. Them. I had dismissed as legend the stories of these huge, vicious, fire breathing, and supposedly intelligent creatures that were right then chewing their way through my eco-dome! And since the dragonlings are notoriously un-co-operative (despite their excellent defense capabilities… once properly trained of course) I wondered how I was going to protect my investment- a breeding colony is exceptionally difficult to establish and my little business had only just started turning a profit! But they don’t breathe fire and although extraordinarily vicious, at a little over knee-height, they’re not very big. Never mind that I had just that morning worn out my last pair of hamster fluff lined, chain mail reinforced, horse hide safety gloves. And now- out of the blue- I had this gigantic flight of vampire mice fast descending on my dragonling colony and nothing to protect myself with!

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4 Responses to FFF#26

  1. sweet trini says:

    gotta love dragons and vampire mice.
    sorry i’m late- i posted fff while i was away and just got back…
    walk good.

  2. Display Name says:

    HOLY CRAP! Do even realize how insanely cool you are?

  3. JJ says:

    Wonderful. A dragon breeding facility invaded by vampire mice. Just a blast. Looking forward to what springs from your imagination this Friday.

  4. Spookie the Warrior says:

    This is really cool! I like the science fiction side to it, really cool.