The Weekend Was

Not boring… we got some KFC and DVDs on Friday night, only to have Batman Begins die on us halfway through it. This is not the first time we’ve battled with a movie- in fact it’s the third time & it’s getting annoying, I mean- these are new releases! I phoned the video shop and he apologised and said it wasn’t the first time they’d had complaints, he’d refund us and look into it. We also saw Holes which was not at all what I expected, and Corpse Bride which we thoroughly enjoyed since we’re both Tim Burton fans. And now for some excitement- Damien now seems intent on turning a Friday night into some kind of a competition to see who can stay awake the longest- I gave in at around midnight and woke up again just after 1am. Bloody ridiculous- can you guess what his argument for this is- his weekend feels too short when he doesn’t stay up late on a Friday! This is the last time though, he doesn’t sleep early on a Saturday night either and by Monday morning it’s zombie boy all over again! On Saturday morning we went shopping for the last of the baby shower gifts as well as an art-box (like a plastic toolbox) for Damien’s school equipment. Then I had a cream-soda float with my folks at the Wimpy before we went home. Then I nearly gave myself a heart attack when I thought a friend’s baby shower was on Saturday at 12 when it was actually on Sunday at 10am! I got the dates and times mixed up and on Saturday at nearly 12 I thought I was s’posed to have been there at 10! After a frantic phone call to the friend’s sister, I calmed myself down and decided to take my time getting ready for our monthly movie night. We went to see Walk The Line. Granted- I love Joaquin Phoenix- so I am a little biased in his favour… but this movie really blew me away! Reese Witherspoon stunned me with her performance, the only thing I could remember of hers was as a ditsy blonde dressed in pink that goes to law school… or something along those lines (I never saw the movie). In my humble opinion- this movie deserves every one of its Oscar nominations- and then some. It was truly brilliant, and now definitely one of my all time favourites. And Joaquin is SUCH a dish! Damien went to see Fun With Dick And Jane on his own because he didn’t want to come with me, it was his first solo movie too. He was hoping Babe2 could join him at the mall but he couldn’t get hold of her. Sunday morning I overslept horribly, and Damien woke me up at 9:30! The baby shower was at 10 so I had to haul ass to get out of the house on time. I dropped Damien off with my brother and went off to the shower. It was held at a restaurant not far from home which made a nice change, and I know and like most of the people who were at the shower so I had fun. Damien spent the day with brother G and he had fun too. They went out for lunch and they dropped him off later in the afternoon. Then my mom called and said I must stop by ‘coz she had a surprise for me… and she gave me these shoes! Now I just gotta learn how to walk in them! Mwaaaaahahahaha!!!
And then at about 8pm, I suddenly remembered that we were planning to go to church on Sunday night- for the “inauguration” of the new youth church- they were going to have a band there and everything! I could kick myself- I KNOW that when I don’t program things into my phone that I don’t remember them!