My Baby Been Dumped!

Again! He told me on Tuesday afternoon when I asked how Babe2 was that day- I ask everyday. He says she said “it’s not working out…” Yet he seemed okay, a little quieter than usual but not particularly upset. Honestly- I blame the fact that he is an ADDer. It may sound a little strange blaming “relationship” drama on a disorder, especially at his age- but I really don’t think he gives his girlfriends enough attention. They don’t get the kind of “girlfriend” attention they think they should be getting. He doesn’t phone them much or anything- not because he’s not interested in them- but because when he gets home he gets involved in his LEGO or drawing or PS2 and forgets about EVERYTHING else! Maybe the silver lining is me having a “single” son until he’s old enough to take a relationship seriously… aaaaah, parental bliss! Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking!

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