Nephew N Is Feeding Himself!

I wish I’d known earlier to add it to the post I wrote about him already! It is such a huge milestone for him to achieve! He brushes his own teeth too- and puts his dummy back in his mouth (after he’s taken it out of his mouth himself). It is just too cute for words and I saw it with my own eyes last Monday night (when I popped in to pick up a bag that Damien left behind on the weekend). N is on a very restricted diet due to some tummy trouble, so he lives on potatoes, fish, veggies and so on- no sugar- no dairy- no wheat. And he eats exceptionally well too. Monday night he was eating fish and chips (fries) and his mommy was feeding him. When she looked again he had a chip in his mouth! She asked my brother if he had given him a chip when she wasn’t looking- G said nope, he hadn’t. Then while he was chewing he grabbed another chip off his plate and put it in his mouth! This was just as Damien and I arrived and I got to see it too! He gets this huge grin on his face when he does something clever ‘coz everyone gets so excited! I almost wish we had video cameras trained on him constantly just to prove how wrong all the “naysayers” are- and have been! The people who said he would never cope with his hands being how they are; and the people who said brother G and my SIL were wrong to bring him into the world knowing he was disabled; and the people who say he should have surgery to “fix” his hands; and the people who say he should have prosthetics of some kind fitted to help him cope. He truly is amazing to watch. For example- because his arms are short, he never crawled, as soon as he could- he started walking, and then we had to teach him to sit down when he got to a step and shuffle forwards till he could stand up again. And he’s very careful when he walks because if he falls he has no way to catch himself and inevitably lands on his face (poor thing)! For example- visiting his maternal granny in hospital he slipped in some water on the floor; then visiting his paternal granny he stepped in a puddle on the kitchen floor and started shouting for his mommy- he wouldn’t move until someone moved him out of the puddle- which my SIL and my mommy darling couldn’t see at first! The one day my brother had a brainwave- he found a small metal cake tin lid and put it upside down on the carpet. He then sat N in the lid and gave him a little shove. N immediately realised how this worked- and now pulls himself along the floor with his feet and his bum in the lid whenever he wants to play with his cars- which he pushes around with his feet! When he gets tired of walking, he looks for the tin lid and reverses until he’s in position over the lid! And he loves keyboards and cell phones. Anytime he can push a button he wants to experiment! There is truly so much I could tell you about this little boy- he is so special and truly has been a blessing in our lives. I’ll post more news on him in time…

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