Back To “Normal”

A woman I work with has a daughter- older than Damien- who goes to the
same school he does. So we spoke and decided to share the morning drive
to school on a week by week basis. So this past Monday, Tuesday and
Thursday Damien drove to school with them. This morning her car was in
for a service so I drove Damien to school, and we fought all the way to
school over. . . um. . . I think it was his spending his money on toys.
. . or not staying home like he’s supposed to on the few days I drop him
off after school. . . or his playing PS2 when he’s s’posed to be doing
homework. . . whatever!! Anyhoo- no real point to this, just for
interests sake. The more things change the more they stay the same.

One thought on “Back To “Normal”

  1. Take the PS2 power cord with you to work in your bag – then he cant play PS2. Trust me – it works like a charm!!

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