Okay, I Have Stopped Shaking So I Can Type Now…

This afternoon (Friday) when I was driving home after from fetching Damien from school, I decided to take the long way home because our usual route was at all but a standstill. So, we get a little over halfway home- and the going is good because it’s not yet officially home time (I left a wee bit early ‘coz I was feeling severely shitty) and then there’s a drastic slowing down of traffic that can only mean one thing… okay maybe two. It’s either an accident or a traffic cop road block. Turns out it’s an accident- looks like a bad one too. There’s no real obstruction, but one lane on either side of the (wider than usual and mostly bushy type veld) island is closed off. We get past without having to actually stop and just as I start accelerating to normal speed again, a blue car comes flying over the grass from the other side, lands on it’s nose, rolls once, and comes to a stop on its wheels across the road right in front of me. By the time he stopped rolling and I had braked to a near stop we were only about 20m apart! Honestly- it scared the bejeebers outta me people! First Damien and I giggled in relief at our near miss- then I started thinking about the “couldabins”! You know the ones? Seriously folks- had I accelerated faster away from the previous accident scene- I would have probably been right in his path! HOLY SHIT BRU (yes- I really do say “Bru”- it has become part of my vocabulary in my attempt tpo stop swearing as much as I used to, and much to the dismay of my many loved ones)!!!! I’ve never actually SEEN an accident happen. I been in LOTSA traffic jams, and arrived “at the scene” just after it happened, but this was the first time I actually SAW it happen! How did I react physically? Well, first I needed a couple of quick blasts on the old inhaler thingy, then I tried to keep the hysterical giggle in my head so as not to scare the crap out of Damien who is at that age where things like this are waaaaaay cool and not at all scary! Then I ran straight to mommy darling’s office to tell her of our escape and had a hot chocolate with her! Once I had a little sympathy from someone who understood how close we were, we went home (‘coz I was still feeling shitty).

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