Damien’s Artworks…

Sometimes Damien’s creativity and talent really surprises even me! And that’s saying a lot because if you give me half a chance I could go on forever about how incredible he truly is (but I doubt that would get me more readers…)! I think Brother G summed it up very nicely one day when he said Damien is even more talented than I am. I have mentioned before that I can draw- but that’s it- I can draw. I can copy things and I can copy other drawings exceptionally well (if I say so myself) but when it comes to actually making up my own designs slash creations slash images, they get stuck somewhere in my brain- probably in the cells I killed with cigarettes- and flat refuse to come out. Damien however, is the future HR Geiger if you ask me. Go on- ask me! He goes through drawing books like I go through cookies and he’ll draw on anything. He draws all the time! I am investing in a digital camera REAL soon- but I photographed some with my phone (these were the only really clear ones) so I could brag properly. Currently his fascination is with dragons, but just a little while ago it was robotic insect type things, I must see if I can scan some of those to show you. I am really proud of him! All this talent and good looks too… what can I say!

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