Ferrari Is Back!

And with a vengeance people! Yesterday’s opening F1 Grand Prix in Bahrain was exceptional- exciting, nerve wracking, edge-of-the-seat-action, brilliant- not only are there rule changes this season that make strategizing and guessing a teams strategy so much more fun than last year- but also because my beloved Ferrari’s are back in top form! We didn’t win the race- but it was bloody close! We started on the front row of the grid and Michael did really well to keep the lead- only losing it to Alonso on the second round of pit stops- and with a nail biting bit of driving done by the two of them too! Alonso fully deserved his win, he drove like a demon! Someone who is going to be SO worth watching is Nico Rosberg, son of 1982 F1 champion Keke Rosberg. He finished 7th overall and took the fastest lap of the day- a 2 point finishing position on his debut! Well done to Kimi too, if F1 had a “man of the match” I think he would have got it yesterday. He started in the pit lane after a suspension failure in Saturday’s qualifying and finished third! As Martin Brundle likes to say- a STONKING race for him! I am so looking forward to this season!