Round And Round And Round We Go!

Damien informed me on Friday afternoon that Babe had now become Babe3.
So my relief was- in other words- short lived. I asked him why he and Babe had gotten back together (they were “together” for a week) because I am curious. But I KNOW that to him it sounds like I’m just being bloody nosey! Anyhoo- he said they were chatting and she said that since they knew each other better that maybe a relationship would go better now than it did before. I wish I could give him advice or hints without sounding like a mom! I think maybe I must talk to brother G to talk to Damien. . . about relationships and how you don’t HAVE to be in one. I just wish I could ask him more questions and ask him more about how things are going, but I’m not sure how on earth to ask him questions without sounding like an inquisitor! And of course as soon as I sound like I’m grilling him he clams up!

2 thoughts on “Round And Round And Round We Go!

  1. Why are you so against him having a relationship? It’s good for him to learn how to socialise with girls. And you keep good rules about not going out during the week or late over weekends. I’m sure he’ll be fine

  2. I raised five sons (and a spoiled girl) and I never asked them anything about their relationships after they were past twelve as I knew they knew all the answers by then. LOL

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