This Morning

We’re almost at the school and Damien looks at me and says: “We didn’t have a fight this morning.” I say: “Mm-hhmm.” We arrive at the school and kiss each other good bye and I drive away. Then I start crying over the fact that something like that has to be significant to my nearly fifteen year old “creation”. He doesn’t know that I didn’t even mention the fact that I couldn’t have my muesli for breakfast because he finished the milk in his cereal today and in the MILO he wasn’t supposed to drink last night. I didn’t mention that I was up until after midnight mopping my kitchen floor because he blocked the sink with cat pellets while I was doing a load of washing last night- thereby flooding the place. Any questions as to why I’m tired?

One thought on “This Morning

  1. Doing those things, keeping quiet, made him feel good about himself and your relationship. Sometimes, as parents that’s exactly what we need to do.

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