I Can’t Believe I Forgot

To mention all the birthdays I’ve celebrated lately, mommy darling, brother G and sister B are all in March! The bigger our family gets the more birthdays there are (duh!), but the funny thing to me is that they seem to be focused on a particular time of the year. . . or maybe that’s just my budget talking. . . lets see- sister B’s youngest is in January as is sister C’s significant other (also D) as well as brother G’s wedding anniversary; sister B’s eldest is in February as is SIL A; sister B’s middle son is in July as is brother G’s son; Damien is in April as is sister B’s anniversary; May is BIL B’s birthday; sister C is in June as is mommy and daddy darling’s anniversary; Daddy darling is in September and I am in December. This is not counting any friends or extended family’s birthday’s and anniversaries- so you can see how complicated this can get! And I try to call or email or text all the people on their birthdays. . . here is a condensed list apart from what I’ve listed already- four of my friends and a cousin celebrate birthdays in January. My granny is in February as well as two friends and one of my godsons. A cousin and three friends celebrate birthdays in March. May has Damien’s godmother and three friends celebrating birthdays! June has three family birthdays. July has three friends and two family birthdays. August is my god daughter and a cousin’s birthday. September has four friends as well as Taxi celebrating birthdays. October I celebrate my best friends wedding anniversary and three friends, an uncle and a cousin’s birthdays! November is my best friend’s birthday, Greebo’s birthday and another godson’s birthday. December- apart from Christmas and Damien’s next year’s school stationery and uniform “expenses”- has two family birthdays! Luckily (?) not everyone expects gifts on their birthdays, but I love to spoil my friends and family’s kids on their birthdays. I have all of this loaded in my cell phone- otherwise I’d forget the lot! I honestly think technology has made me stupid- I used to just remember birthdays and phone numbers!

So how do you keep track of birthdays and anniversaries and such?