This is my fourth contribution to Purgatorian’s Flash Fiction Friday project. I am so enjoying trying my hand at this and I look forward to Friday nights, checking and re-checking his site and all but cheering when I see the new FFF post- geez, sounds pathetic doesn’t it!?!?! I actually DO have a life people, no- really… Anyhoo- this project was an eye opener and a half for me- I thought I’d be better at it! So good luck reading this one… Here goes.
I never said you were…
… my boyfriend. Not once did I use that word. I never said I loved you. In fact I told you from the beginning that I was only looking for a distraction. Um, maybe that’s the wrong word… I wanted some attention, someone with whom I could feel like a grown up and be someone else for a little while and then go back to mundane, everyday my life. And it was fun- it really was, I really enjoyed spending time with you!
Are you listening to me?
I mean- I really liked the way you always had a good bottle of wine for us to share. And I liked it when you put my towels in the tumble dryer in winter- that was so sweet. And a woman who gets to be your wife or girlfriend some day will be really, really lucky. It’s just not what I want now. Not on a permanent basis.
Hey- answer me!
Listen, you need to stop this RIGHT NOW.
I told you I was bored, and frustrated. Do you remember that conversation? I thought you understood that. Why did you think you never met my family- or any of my friends- did you honestly think I didn’t have any or something? Look, I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression about our relationship, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings… I really like you, but I wasn’t looking for anything serious. I’m still not.
Can you hear me?
If you let me out now, I won’t go to the police…
I’m warning you… open this door!
My father is an attorney- if you let me out I can ask him to represent you or something, I’ll even pay for it!
Oh come ON! This is ridiculous!
Why won’t you answer me?
I said I’m sorry- I really thought we were clear on this when we started out.
Are you listening to me?!
This isn’t happening…
HEY! I’m thirsty- how long are you going to keep this up?
Can you at least tell me where we are?
You can’t keep me here you know- people will be looking for me!
Please just answer me!
Are you still there…?
I’ll do anything you want, just please open the door…

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4 thoughts on “FFF#29”

  1. this was cool. i thought at first you+me had done the same fff, but your ending took me by surprise- always a good thing.
    walk good.

  2. It took me a minute to catch on! DOH!

    How clear a picture you paint with just a one-sided conversation. Good job.

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