So What’s Your “Medication”?

Someone who works for my client was in my office today (an office I share with two of my client’s staff) and he seemed very annoyed. When he asked where one of the people I work with had gone to I had to reply that he’d just left, but would be back. He wasn’t happy. He was looking for something to write on in order to leave the other person a note and was muttering to himself about having a bad day but about it not being too bad because he hadn’t hit anyone yet! I was surprised and asked him if he’d actually done that at work, and he said yes- he had. He said he battles with a temper and that he hadn’t taken his medication today. Now I don’t know if the bit about the meds was a joke- but as he left I showed him my earphones and said that they were my medication. He sort of hrumphed and said he should try that sometime.
Maybe its silly- but I think my medication is indeed music. I really get quite flustered without it. And it doesn’t even have to be anything specific, just music in general. I love listening to the radio, and at my previous job I had an ancient hi-fi in the office that could pick up all of three radio stations, and those only after fighting with the aerial for half an hour to find the exact spot for good reception!
At this job, the people I share an office with people who dislike the musical accompaniment, and until I got my earphones I nearly went mad! Usually I wear just one of the earphones to make double sure I don’t miss anything someone may ask me, but even when I wear both it’s soft enough that only I can hear it. I have several of my CDs ripped onto my laptop- Anastacia, Metallica, Michael Bublé, Robbie Williams, Eros Ramazzotti, Six Was Nine and the soundtrack from the movie Little Voice– and all I do is open up Windows Media Player and hit play. Every now and then I start listening to another of my CDs that I haven’t played in a while and then I add that to the collection on my laptop. With Media Players Random option I get a nice selection playing all day long.
If I think about it I even used to study for exams with earphones on when I was at school. It’s like it keeps all the other distractions out and allows me to focus.
And between one person slurping fruity chunky strawberry yoghurt up a straw and another one cutting their nails and being unable to move without making an accompanying noise I need something to help me focus… just to not lose my temper with my clients!
Sometimes I miss listening to the radio- because I miss out on the new stuff- but when I tried bringing a miniature radio with earplugs to the office it wouldn’t pick anything up from inside the building!
Can you work with music?

3 thoughts on “So What’s Your “Medication”?

  1. I’d love to work with music playing but I need to be able to hear what’s going on around me, and being a big open-plan office we’re not allowed radios & stuff.

    But when I’m writing, I MUST have music playing – as you say, it helps me focus and cuts out distractions.

  2. Mine is silence – any music that I like distracts me and I want to sing along – and I can’t sing and type.

  3. I totally love music too. I’ll put it on and immediately relax. However with three little ones, it’s not always so easy to just put music on and actually enjoy it. The other thing I love to do is to go for a walk. It works for the whole family

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