What The Specialist Said

Mommy Darling sounded SO much more at ease when I spoke to her on Monday after she and Daddy Darling had been to the diabetes specialist. She said this place has everything organised in such a way that you don’t sit and wait for anything- right down to a medical rep who supplied my dad with a newer, smaller and updated glucometer! They ran a battery of tests (ECGs and everything) and the specialist also changed Daddy Darling’s insulin to a newer longer acting kind, except for his before meals shot which will remain the regular fast acting type. Dad’s kidneys are in bad shape- but not bad enough to require dialysis. He also said dad must continue to go to work as this will speed his recovery a little as well as maintain a good frame of mind. He told them both that what dad went through in January will take him a long time to recover fully from and he must be patient (which dad so is not). He also said that dad’s kidneys improving goes hand in hand with getting his sugar under control- he can’t have one without the other. He is a little concerned about dad legs “conking in” on him every now and then as there is nothing wrong with the muscles in his legs. He thinks there may have been a little brain damage to the large motor control part of the brain- perhaps due to oxygen starvation- during dad’s episode in January. Hopefully this is not the case and things will improve there too.
One thing this doctor was fascinated with was that Daddy Darling, his parents and his three siblings were all diagnosed with hyperglycemia (his sister has hypoglycemia) in their late twenties slash early thirties. He studies diabetes in depth and this surprised him. But like mom has said before- no one in our family can ever suffer from something “normal”!
So, Daddy Darling’s prognosis is slow- but good enough for now- which is a weight off all our minds, but still a concern.