I Wish I May… I Wish I Might…

I think every adult should be entitled to make a birthday wish slash want list at least twice in their adult lives.
The first time I ever made a list was for my 31st birthday- the year before last. I’m not sure why I started it in the first place- I think it started as a “want” list for one day when I had money to blow on stuff like that- and I kept adding to it, most of it was stuff I’d probably never have gotten around to buying for myself because they were simply “nice-to-haves”. There were all sorts of things on the list from stationery and books to CDs and jewelry and even a picture frame and cushions. As it got closer to my birthday I thought I’d mail it out for shits and giggles- and then I figured I’d mail it out to close friends and family and call a spade a spade, so to speak! Man- it was fabulous people! I got just about everything that I had put on my list! I didn’t know who was buying what- or even if the people I had sent it to would use the list- but it was truly magical. I can’t tell you how nice it was to receive so many gifts and all of them actually being things I truly wanted! How blessed am I to have friends and family who would go out of their way to make my heart glad!
This year it was sister B’s turn to make a list. I think she got most of the stuff on her list too. It really does make a special day that much more memorable- especially when you have friends and family who know you and love you! And I got such a kick out of watching B open her gift and knowing she’d like what was inside!
Mommy Darling only had one thing on her list this year- her first list ever. It was a CD- the sound track to “Spirit- Stallion of the Cimarron”. Actually, Mommy Darling asked for the soundtrack to “Gladiator”… but she had the “Spirit” soundtrack in mind- it meant two trips to the mall- and we all know how much I HATE mall crawling… NOT! Teehee!
da Bruvva, my SIL and my BIL have yet to make lists for their birthdays, da Bruvva & SIL will have to do it next year. Daddy Darling and sister C have also not had a turn. But I have every intention of reminding them to do so and I know that all of us will do our utmost to get something off their lists for them.
Seriously- admit it. You know you have a list- in your head or on a blog or in a diary… a list of stuff you’d love to have- sometimes just for the sake of having it. It doesn’t even have to be useful stuff- it’s just stuff. Stuff that will warm your heart and make you smile… try it for your next birthday- I dare you! Kids are allowed to tell us what they want- why do we have to outgrow that?

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