This Is My New Toy!

A Fujifilm finepix S5600… It’s beautiful and lightweight and compact and full of features and gadgets and I am having SUCH fun with it- it literally accompanies me everywhere now! I look like a tourist! Check out this link!
Taxi doesn’t mind the camera- he’s always posed for me- or at least stood still and tolerated me! Greebo however- goes out of his way to avoid me or to spoil the shot! Luckily my darling Damien doesn’t mind his mommy photographing him- after all- he is my favourite subject apart from my furry masters. And look at this absolutely adorable picture of nephew N drawing! He is in hospital with pneumonia (hence the big plaster on his head) and Granny Glen bought him one of those drawing thingies where you draw a picture with a stylus and then lift the plastic and the picture disappears. Look how he concentrates- I think almost everyone in my family since my Ouma Jean has done that with their tongues!

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  1. I just love the expression on the first cats face – it looks as if he’s saying something, like you caught him in mid sentence. The one with the blue collar.

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