I Wonder If She Said Yes?

Yesterday at the airport- while we were waiting for Granny Gran to land- we noticed a guy standing a little way away from us with a bunch of red roses. Obviously he was waiting for a girlfriend or a wife. When I looked back that way he’d produced a sign- like the signs people hold up when they’re meeting someone and they dunno what they look like- that read “My Engel” (“My Angel” in Afrikaans) in elaborate and bright red letters, and a McDonalds burger box. It would seem he had an engagement ring stuck in the burger inside the McDonalds box- I saw someone who works for my client there and that was the murmur going though the crowd also waiting for arrivals like we were- I wasn’t sure if that was such a wonderful idea. . . but it got me to thinking why he would have chosen a Mickey D’s box- was it where they met? Did he dent her car in the drive-thru? Did she drop her ice cream in his lap on the way to her table? Or were they there for their first date maybe? And of course the more I thought about it the more romantic and sweet it seemed, rather than strange. I didn’t see the whole going-down-on-one-knee thing, but my client saw them a little later and said the new couple was very lovey-dovey and cuddly and she was blushing furiously so I can only surmise that she did indeed say yes. They’ll have a lovely story to tell to their kids and grandkids and at family reunions and anniversary parties and such- provided of course that they last that long! I for one- hope they hap livedly after ever as they suck off into their own little funset- and now tackle the drama of planning a wedding to top the proposal!

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3 Responses to I Wonder If She Said Yes?

  1. Melany says:

    Oh that is SO sweet!!!

  2. justacoolcat says:

    What an odd story, an interesting choice for both place and style of engagement.

  3. Spookie the Warrior says:

    aaawwww, thats so sweet. My hubby once sent me flowers at work – a huge bunch of roses with a little box containing a little ring tucked inside the flowers. That was sweet. And he did it just because, not for any reason.