We Went To Fetch Granny Gran From The Airport Yesterday

She was away on holiday for over a month! She was very glad to be home and the security guard allowed me to go in and help her with her bags and baggage trolley and everything- I didn’t have my handbag with me when I asked to be allowed in and I explained that she’s 81 and unused to traveling alone AND she was supposed to be assisted in a wheelchair by airline staff! She was very glad to see me, and I could see she’d been crying already- someone from another airline had come to her rescue to show her where to get her bags and such- but I took over and chatted like a mad thing so she wouldn’t want to cry again. This was the first time Granny’d traveled alone ANYWHERE and I am very proud of her. Granny and I both thanked the security guard profusely when we came out of the arrivals area. After arriving at home we had cake and nibbly things for tea with sister B and my cousin and his wife who all came to say “welcome home!” da Bruvva didn’t come ‘coz nephew N was sleeping and they didn’t want to wake him. Sister C wasn’t there either, which was unfortunate ‘coz the welcome home party was her idea! I made a welcome home banner slash poster which we put up in Granny Gran’s cottage.

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