I Found This A While Ago

And it now resides in my handbag (inside my notebook) on a permanent basis. I really must have it laminated- I wish I had dated it when I got it, ‘coz although I know it was a good few years ago (at least three) I am not exactly sure when or why it was! I read it so often I am going to have to start being very careful with it real soon. I use it as a reminder of sorts- that things aren’t always kak between me and Damien, even though some days it feels like we’ve been fighting non-stop for his whole life.
And lately I’m reading it even more- for some reason Damien’s turning fifteen on Wednesday is really playing on my mind, more so than any of his other birthdays did. I sort of have to keep pinching myself to make sure I’m not daydreaming. My baby is fifteen years old. In three years time he can get a driver’s license and he will be able to vote. The other morning I was reading Me Time and she mentioned something about empty nest syndrome and how she’s thinking about it way too early since her kids are still young, but I know exactly what she meant. It’s playing on my mind a lot lately that one day… fairly soon… Damien will want to move out and he’ll start working and earning money and he’ll want to buy a car and start dating and as much as I want all of that for him- and as I continue to make plans for myself for when Damien has left the house- I also want him to stay small and cute and with me!

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