What A Start To The Day

This morning- I overslept. Which is- admittedly- nothing new for me per say. I woke Damien up, he got dressed stomped around the flat while he got himself some breakfast and I got myself dressed. We were out of the house pretty much in time. He wouldn’t be late for school and I wouldn’t be late for work or anything like that. . . if the car had started that is!
We get in the car, I stash my laptop behind the seat, we put on our seatbelts, put the radio’s face on, get comfy, and I turn the key. . . nothing. The lights come on- but apart from that- nada. Zilch. Zippo. Nought. Then Damien says to me “hey- why’d you change the clock?” and as I glance at the centre console I know exactly what’s happened. The clock says its midnight- on January 1st 1992! Now either I suddenly have a “flux capacitor” attached to my little Opel enabling me to go back in time… or the battery has died completely! My cell phone still has a signal- so it can’t be the former. A dead car battery. With no warning. There was no stuttering and starting- no hint of a problem- just one day fine, the next day gone.
Daddy darling was there within 10 minutes- my hero. We “pull” started my car because the battery was too flat to even jump-start! And then I made my way to a battery place, luckily not too far away. By the time I’d got my battery replaced and was en-route to the school- it was just before 8am! I then turned around and took the long way because the highway was at all but a standstill! I eventually only got to work just after 9am!

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