With Permission

Their mommy said I could- so here are pictures of the twins when they were less than 48 hours old! On the left is baby J, baby W on the right. Then I saw them again today- they are doing so incredibly well- they were given to exactly the right parents! They both sleep for almost four hours between feeds already (they’ll be two weeks old on Monday). Usually baby W wakes up first, has a feed, gets his nappy changed and goes back to sleep. While he’s having his clean up baby J wakes up, gets his nappy changed, gets a bottle, and goes back to sleep! Baby W is still bigger- by about 300g, and he has more hair than baby J! Here’s Damien holding baby W and baby J… his “weekend brothers”.

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3 Responses to With Permission

  1. angel says:

    mel- can’t say the same for me doll…

    king- thanx! its my damien’s weekend family!

  2. KING says:

    2 beautifuls!

  3. Melany says:

    Oh how cute are they!? I have always wanted twins 🙂