Um, if you’ve been waiting for it. . . you’re going to wait a long time! Heehee. . .
I started on it, but for some reason it was a tricky one for me. When (if) I actually finish it I’ll post it, but I already told JJ that I’d lost the plot and wouldn’t be taking part in last weeks project. I was rather very disappointed with myself that I couldn’t get past my first two or three words after his starter (Before you assume that I must be. . .) especially since there hadn’t been a starter the week before! Honestly- when I first saw it- I thought I could really have some fun with it. . . but it was not to be- the little magic blog pixie didn’t come to my house this weekend. I’ll try again this coming weekend.

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4 Responses to FFF#33

  1. angel says:

    terri- can’t wait for this weekend! it’s a long one again… so i can think a bit!

    mel- frustrates me!

    jj- yass m’lawd!

  2. JJ says:

    No more excuses, young lady. You miss again next week and it’s the dungeon!

  3. Melany says:

    Funny how your mind just sometimes don’t wanna go there

  4. Terri says:

    Well you’re still one step ahead of me. I didn’t even get as far as looking at FFF last week.
    Ah well, there’s always next week…