Movie Memories

Incredibly- Disney’s Bambi was made in 1942! I was quite stunned when I found out how old this movie actually was! This is the first movie I remember seeing on the big screen, my daddy darling took me and sister B to see it when we were still very little. Rather brave for a young dad in the 1970’s don’t you think… I’m not sure if mommy darling was with us- but I very clearly remember a movie house foyer of some kind and daddy darling holding mine and sister B’s hands.
A movie I don’t remember actually seeing until long after it came out on video is Disney’s Jungle Book (made in 1967). My mom says I laughed my head off at the musical antics of Baloo and friends from the backseat of the car at the drive-in. Come to think of it- my mom seemed quite amazed at my reaction to the movie. I must remember to ask her about it again. The songs from this movie are still amongst my favourites and I can remember almost all the lyrics!
The Fox and The Hound was made in 1981. Daddy Darling took sister B and myself to see this movie when sister C was a baby.

And my all time favourite movie? I’ve been wracking my brain to try and decide- because I love Tim Burton & Quentin Tarantino movies, but I have decided that my all time favourite has to be Romeo And Juliet… you know the one with Leo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. Love it love it love it. I have seen it so many times- and I recently bought the DVD so watched it again last weekend. I love the way the script follows the story almost exactly- except with the occasional deviation for effect (like at the end where he dies). I love how they traded swords for guns and horses for cars.

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3 Responses to Movie Memories

  1. Tammy says:

    Disney is one of the greatest artists of all time, although I must say the pixar/disney productions are unbelievable to – give me a good cartoon anytime!!!

  2. Display Name says:

    “and a bop bam roni – ooh ooh ooh – I wann’a be like you ooh ooh” heh heh. The Jungle Book. Friggin loved that one. I wanted to be the water girl. Oh and Robin Hood…”ooohdalally!” lol

  3. velisarios says:

    My friend you have a realy great blog…Have a nice day ,from Athens,Greece…