So What Would You Say?

Last Friday Damien went to the theatre on a school excursion with the rest of his grade.
A colleague of mine has a daughter who goes to the same school, and when we can we take turns fetching and carrying the kids (if we’re working in the same area on a given day). When she arrived to fetch them, Damien was nowhere to be found. When I got him on the phone he was at the garage- buying whatever- with his leftover lunch money. My colleague ended up waiting nearly fifteen minutes for him to show. Needless to say he go an earful and I apologisd to said colleague… especially since I have never had to wait for her daughter. When I picked him up from our offices that afternoon, he had no school bag. Apparently- he had come back to the school on a different bus (and thus later) than the rest of his classmates, and his bag had been locked in his register class. His teacher had left. So there was no homework done this weekend and on Monday he has to take a different bag to school. Another earful from mommy darling. Then on the way home from my client’s office, Damien says “I really felt like a cigarette today!” stunned silence from me… then he says “I didn’t have one.” “Good…” Says me. Damien looks at me and says “So aren’t you happy?” Imagine me- trying to act nonchalant, “of course I am- but what would you like me to say…?”

4 thoughts on “So What Would You Say?

  1. It’s hard. I had the same (smoking) with my daughter (at the same age). I couldn’t understand it.. I tried everything.. I let her see my bad momma side, threatened, used sarcasm, used love.. nothing worked.. until she overcame it herself. It’s a hard, hard situation and you always think YOUR child will NEVER do that.. but put them into high school and it’s a different ball game. Suddenly they’ve been unleashed into an unprotected world.
    Hugs to you.. and I hope it gets better for you, as it did for me.

  2. Memories of similar and worse incidents with all my children come flooding back and YET you are all amazing, spectacular adults – you ALL turned out to be wonderful – does this give you any hope precious!? Sure do hope so!
    LOL and I mean MY way…..

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