I Was Off Sick For A Few Days

Damien and I both. I hope to Christmas I caught this before it turns into proper bronchitis- ‘coz then I’ll be coughing all winter. Mommy Darling has cancelled the planned lunch for Sunday’s Mother’s Day celebration because sister C, her significant other, myself and Damien are sick. Sister B has been sick- and we’re all afraid of making Daddy Darling and Granny sick…
So while we were off, we got a couple of DVDs to entertain ourselves. One of which was King Kong, which if anyone remembers was three hours long on the big screen- with an interval. I swear it could have been half as long as it was had they just taken out some of the crap! Like the first ten minutes of theatre snippets. And the fight with the two T-Rex (which in the original was only one T-Rex)? Was just WAAAAY too long and completely over board. And the whole rigmarole in the ravine with the giant insects- could have been cut in half IMHO! Not to mention the whole thing where Kong is running with the woman in his hand- apart from it being too long and bordering on the irritating- how in the hell did she survive that? The way he shakes her around while he’s running she shouldn’t have been conscious let alone got away with no bruises or broken bones! And we watched Fantastic Four on DVD. I am a big fan of the movies from comic books (Spiderman, Batman, The Punisher, etc) so watching this was a no-brainer for me, but I enjoyed it too. I also watched Million Dollar Baby, which I enjoyed immensely. And believe it or not hadn’t seen yet! And I watched “Four Feathers” and loved it. Was it really made in 2002? I thought it was newer than that.
And I must be honest- I have friends and family who do not screw up movie ending for me! Aren’t I lucky? Aren’t they sweet?

2 thoughts on “I Was Off Sick For A Few Days

  1. four feathers- i saw a trailer for it, saw heath ledger… so i took it out. nice story too.

  2. I totally LOVED King Kong!! I have seen it 3 times now, and I still love it!
    I enjoyed Fantastic Four too – not as much as KK, and Million Dollar Baby was by far the best! Definitely a must see again. Have you seen Cinderalla Man yet – BRILLAINT!
    Four Feathers – I never heard of it!?

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