So- How Do You KNOW You’re Getting Old?

Well, when you go to the hairdresser, accept the style he recommends, and come out looking more like your mother than ever before- then you know you’re getting old! I was actually trying to deny it while sitting there watching myself change in the mirror- but when I got home and the first words out of Damien’s mouth were “you look like Granny” I knew I could no longer delude myself… especially with it blow dried straight like the hairdresser did it. I MMS’d a picture to my mom, and even my dad said there’s a stronger resemblance than usual!
So, here are a couple of pics of today’s colour, cut and style. What do you think?
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3 Responses to So- How Do You KNOW You’re Getting Old?

  1. angel says:

    heh heh… you should see it when its short and curled!

  2. B says:

    You like a totally different person with straight hair. You don’t look like Angel…

  3. Display Name says:

    I think you look a little sneaky. lol
    Hope y’all are feeling better!