My Mommy Darling

A dedication to my mom on Mother’s Day.
And now I’ve started this- how on earth do I put into words how important my mom is to me?! There’s so much to say.
My Mommy Darling had and has such a big role in me being the person I am today- because my mom always allowed me to be who I am. Mom set rules and guidelines from day one as to what was allowed and what wasn’t and there was never any leeway. Age restrictions on movies were strictly adhered to and things like drinking and smoking were not allowed while I was underage. Our friends were not allowed to smoke at our house if their parents didn’t know they smoked. There was no underage drinking allowed even if you did it in your own house. I wasn’t allowed to shave my legs or wear make-up until I turned 13. And yet- Mom never once criticised me if I wore something a little strange when it came to clothing. Never once did Mom say “…you’re not wearing that!” or “…what are you wearing?!” Mom would ask if I was absolutely sure I wanted to wear whatever I had on- but I was never forced to change my outfit. I was encouraged to find out who I was- inside and out- but I was given boundaries to operate inside of.
I’ve never counted the number of emails, pone calls, visits and text messages my mom trades with her children on a daily and weekly basis- but I know not all children are as blessed as we are. And a lot of them are simply little messages telling us we’re special to her and she loves us and is proud of us.
Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, anniversaries, school concerts, school fundraisers- mom makes a fuss of them all and any special occasion is celebrated- be it with a phone call, cake and tea, or an all out party!
And all my life I can remember there being music. With Mom singing and teaching us songs and harmonies. In the car on the way to church; in the kitchen doing dishes after a big family get-together; or just sitting on her bed singing while she played the guitar. And Mom singing songs to us in the bath- like “Christopher Robin” and “My Grandfather’s Clock” and “There Once Was An Ugly Duckling”. I can remember almost all the words to “On The Good Ship Lollipop” and I have sung them to my Damien and to my godchildren!
And my mom never hesitates to offer help in any way she can. Be it financial or simply a shoulder to cry on or an ear to bend. If you need someone to vent “at”, Mom won’t even try to give advice if you don’t want it. She’ll just listen. But at the same time- Mom will not constantly bail us out and not let us to learn any lessons from our screw ups. For example- if I need a break because Damien and I are on the brink of strangling each other- I can drop him off at a moments notice for a couple of hours of R ’n R… no questions asked. Mom knows a mother can only take so much. And my mom knows all her children very well- all our little quirks and moods- she knows how to read us all.
My mom has stuck by me through thick and thin, and heaven knows I’ve made more than my share of mess ups… and Mom has forgiven me any number of things that, had she allowed them to, could have fractured our relationship for good.
My mom is one of the few people in my life whom I strive to impress (for lack of an adequate word) all the time and in everything I do. For the most part I’m not worried about what people think of me and what they think about how I live my life- but when it comes to my mom, I want to make her proud.
And no matter what happens- I know without a doubt- in my mind or in my heart- that my mom loves me and is proud of me.
I love you Mommy Darling, or “Ma” as I usually say. I could never show you or tell you just how much. And if you ever need me- for anything Ma- I’m here for you always.

4 thoughts on “My Mommy Darling

  1. angela: i do indeed!
    spookie: we’re both exceptionally lucky then!
    gg: love you!

  2. I have no words – but I appreciate this more than I can ever express. How dear you all are to me, unconditionally dear. I love you my Ange.

  3. Clearly you know how very lucky you are to have her. Case study after case study shows that the relationship between mother and child is the touchstone for emotional happiness, spreading out and into every other aspect of our lives. From the sounds of it, you’ve got a great one.

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