And Sunset…

This is the view from Damien’s bedroom window at about 7pm this evening!

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6 Responses to And Sunset…

  1. andrea says:

    Happy birthday to you, too! It’s like we entered a whole separate, distinct world a year ago, isn’t it?

  2. angel says:

    it’s one of the many nice things about my flat- living above everyone else gives us a view of some beautiful sunsets…
    spookie, mel: i couldn’t agree more
    nomad: come visit for a while
    terri: because of the way the earth tilts?

  3. Terri says:

    Absolutely – sunrises & sunsets in SA are just spectacular. Did you know the sky is bigger there than in the northern hemisphere?

  4. Reluctant Nomad says:

    melany, assuming you are in South Africa, I totally agree. How I miss those skies!

  5. Melany aka Supermom says:

    I’m sure we are one of the countries with the MOST beautiful sunsets

  6. Spookie the Warrior says:

    So Pretty!!!