I Just Finished Reading

Alex Kava’s At The Stroke Of Madness.
It’s the first Kava I’ve read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think it’s part of a series “starring” the FBI Profiler Maggie O’Dell, sorta like the Patricia Cornwell series about Kay Scarpetta. I think I’ll definitely be reading more Kava.
I’ve also just finished Tom Holt’s Faust Among Equals.
It’s not my first Holt, but I think it was by far the funniest. His whole twist on the corporate makeover of the seven circles of Hell was a stroke of genius! Faust is the guy who sold his soul to Satan in exchange for knowledge, and he escapes from Hell. The new corporate body then sends a bunch of assassins and bounty hunters after him across space and time- and Helen of Troy bankrupts everyone she comes into contact with! LMAO PEOPLE!

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  1. Thx for your comment on my FFF and BTW I’m going out to get a couple of Alex Kava’s books in paperback today. I love finding new authors and after reading your post, I checked out her site, which had parts of the books on it and the books look to be right up my alley. Thanks for the heads up!

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