Here’s this week’s Flash Fiction Friday post, inspirational starter sentence courtesy- as usual- of JJ at Purgatorian. Thanx dude! I just LOVE it when the story starts forming itself in my head. Oh, and if you want to, you can find part one of this story here.

“3.. 2.. 1..
The voice was supposed to sound female, but it always sounded too mechanical- too inhuman- to Leo. He didn’t like it much, but it worked. It served its purpose. The count down put him in mind of how long he’d been doing this. It was quite incredible for him to imagine he’d been breeding the Wyvern for nearly 14 years already! Time passed so quickly. The count down continued, and in a couple of days the hatching would start, after which the craziness would abate- at least for a little while. Over the last four months his phone hadn’t stopped- between the lab technicians, the environmentalists, the buyers, his financiers and his friends- he was tempted to leave the country! He sometimes felt he should be used to it after all this time but it never seemed to get any easier. His mother kept telling him to hire someone to handle it all for him; heaven knew he could afford it!
He remembered the night in the cave like it had happened yesterday! When Min had dropped her torch they were all convinced they were going to be eviscerated any second. But for some strange reason the queens had gone back to sleep- maybe too deep in their slumber to pay too much attention to small noises. Very occasionally, when he woke up in the middle of the night with such bad heartburn he could hardly breathe, he found himself wishing he had turned tail and run that day… leaving Min, Milo, the others AND the egg behind. But when he remembered their incredible sense of achievement and the adrenalin coursing through their veins when they emerged blinking into the sun with their prizes- he quickly decided again that he wouldn’t change a thing. Since that day he had become not only incredibly wealthy but a recognised expert on Wyverns. His chicks were highly sought after by everyone- including the military- but he was very choosy over who he sold them to.
The egg he’d stolen had hatched in his bedroom just two days later into a gorgeous red buck that he named Mig, after the fighter jets his granddad had flown during the war. Since Leo was the one and only living thing there when Mig hatched, they were forever bonded. In fact- Leo had been stunned by the intensity of the bond that he and Mig instantly shared.
Within a couple of days Leo was working harder than he ever had! His parents had had a fit when they found him with Mig- training took a while and Mig just couldn’t keep quiet! And Mig was HUNGRY! He had a voracious appetite- naturally he was a meat eater, but Leo found that Mig would eat just about anything! Leo knew he had to make a plan quickly- Mig was already a foot tall when he hatched- and he would be growing about a foot every month. One thing Leo considered to be in his favour- was that his parents wouldn’t be able to get rid of Mig- an imprinted Wyvern would simply keep coming back. No chains and no enclosure had ever been built capable of holding one on any kind of long term basis! Imprinting was irreversible and training was essential. It was for this reason that Leo screened any and all applicants very carefully- most of them personally- before allowing a purchase to happen. He hated thinking of them as purchases, but that was essentially what they were. At least most of the time he knew that if the buyers were prepared to spend what he charged, then really wanted their own Wyvern. And once in a blue moon a newly hatched chick simply would not imprint with whoever had “bought” it. On the three occasions this had happened- the hatchling’s queen had been allowed to fetch the chick and raise it herself.
His own red- Mig- had sired many chicks and Mig’s offspring were highly sought after and fetched exceptional prices. Many of the chicks were “ordered” years in advance. Mig was now very close to 50 feet from tail tip to nose tip and had been full grown for several years, yet he still behaved around Leo as if Mig were as small as a puppy dog!
Milo, Min, Leo and their friends had all agreed to keep the location of the nest secret many years ago, but it had turned out not to be a problem since the queens had never returned after being robbed by Leo & co. Milo and Min’s eggs each hatched into gold queens, and both successfully imprinted as well. Milo and Min were as passionate over their queens- Makkon and Wendy- as Leo was over Mig. They never bred Mig with Makkon or Wendy because they were unsure whether or not they were siblings- there was no distinguishing between the eggs in the communal nest they had robbed.
Leo never sold all his chicks, the queens were always allowed to keep some of their eggs, although they were also trained and grew accustomed to humans over time. Each queen had her own massive “enclosure” where she could lay her eggs and raise her chicks. And no queen was covered more than once a year. Leo had never been in it for the money- he had always wanted to try and ensure that the Wyvern chicks were not abused by their owners. Now another imprinting session was due to take place in a couple of weeks…
Suddenly he was woken from his reverie by the screams of one of his queens- it was not a “normal” sound and he immediately went running off to the enclosures to try and find out what was going on…

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  3. spookie & terri: i sincerely hope i can oblige!

    samantha: thankyou and yes- all the pern chronicles and some of her other more sci-fi type stories!

  4. brilliant, very brilliant. Have you read Anne McCaffrey’s books? I like the style 🙂

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