This Is ME?!?

THIS had me more than a little suprised… I was visiting over at Angela’s House tonight, and while sampling her lemony fresh previous posts I found a link that looked quirky… and Angela got such a funky result when she did the test I was dying to try it myself!
So look what I got!?! Mwaaaahahahahaha!
Think that’ll teach me to follow links willy-nilly!!

What Classic Movie Are You?
personality tests by
and then again, maybe not…

5 thoughts on “This Is ME?!?

  1. Mine was The BatFather… er, I mean the Godfather and leader, Ghandi… gad, can you imagine that? I’m peaceful as long as people do wot I say, or else I’ll get my people to take ya out… snort… fun to do, but so not true.
    Hee hee

  2. ha ha! I did this one and the famous leader test too. My classic movie is “Easy Rider” and the famous leader I am is “Mother Teresa”

  3. LOL – that is funny!!!

    Stand to attention when I talk to you soldier!!!!

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