Hard Luck…

Sadly, today’s gymnastics competition could have gone better. Turns out it WASN’T Gauteng North qualifying (thank goodness), but CLUB qualifying for next weekend. And Damien JUST qualified as part of the club team for next weekend’s provincial trials.
Damien was VERY nervous- as always- and then on his first apparatus, the high-bar, which is usually one of his best events, he slipped when he jumped up and had to do it again. Failure to mount loses a full 1.5 points! Then he was completely off his stroke for the event and he was rattled- therefore rather untidy overall, resulting in a 6 on an apparatus where he usually scores a 9. His vault was not too bad, he didn’t keep his legs straight though. His floor was okay, but he’s never liked it much. On the parallel bars he did better again, its also one of his favourite apparatus’. He came fourth for the parallel bar apparatus and eighth overall. If he could just have ignored he fact that he did so badly on the highbar he wuld probably have been fine- but he gets so annoyed with himself when he messes up.
I love you baby- and I’m SO proud of you for being a good sportsman and for doing your best.
And I’m really hoping next weekend goes better, that he’ll be a little more relaxed.

3 thoughts on “Hard Luck…

  1. Damien – I am so proud of you for competing. Ange – I am so proud of you for getting him this far with gym. It is awesome watching him compete. Damien, you are very good at it, go for the gold son! Love you 2.

  2. Wow, I’m impressed with your boy – and with your pics, they’re great! Gymnastics are great to watch and I admire anyone who can actually do that stuff. I was utterly useless at it as a youngster – in PhysEd class I couldn’t even get over the horse (is that the right name?). Also, I have this problem being upside-down (don’t ask!) so ja not the best candidate for gymnastics, hehe. So well done Damien!

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