I Was Writing This On Thursday…

…and I got a little side tracked by the teacher’s call!
Today Is A Big Day
For my little sister C. Not only is it her 26th birthday- but it’s also her One Year Sober anniversary! We are all so immensely proud of her achievement. We’re going to celebrate her birthday and her anniversary with a dinner at her place this weekend. Then we’ll be staying over and going horse riding on the Sunday.
And then I had to cancel our date with sister C because Damien and I are both not well. Now we’re missing out on her divine lamb curry as well as a farm breakfast and a morning on horseback! If we’d been feeling even a little better I might have chanced going anyway- but I’m afraid of making everyone else sick too. I am so fed up that I’m sitting at home while the rest of my family celebrates with sister C, and I know I’ve disappointed her by not going- her first anniversary is a REALLY big deal to her- as well as to us.

Considering I picked up the newest version of this bug from an asshole I work with (who decided to play the martyr instead of staying home while he was sick) and then gave it to Damien, I am more than a little afraid of how contagious this thing is. The woman who shares our office was also as sick as a dog on Friday, unfortunately she’s one of those who moans and groans and grunts and complains just in case you doubt she’s sick when she doesn’t turn up for work on Monday…
So yesterday at the doctor’s rooms, the doctor wanted to try symptomatic treatment before giving us antibiotics- which is what we did last time when I ended up having two courses of antibiotics, a week of physiotherapy and a cortisone treatment- but I insisted she give us the strongest thing she could immediately. Damien has mid-year exams now and he can’t afford to miss any school. And to top it all, he missed out on is gymnastics provincial qualifying competition this morning because he’s coughing and feverish and didn’t sleep very well at all. now it’ll be a whole year of training before he can try again.
I am so furious with the guy who made me sick again, and I’m going to be sure to give him an earful when I see him again!

2 thoughts on “I Was Writing This On Thursday…

  1. At an end of the year assembly at my son’s school last year, they gave out perfect attendence awards.

    To wit, the woman sitting next to my wife said “yes, and we should thank the parents who sent their kids to school despite the fact that they were sick, so that they could get our kids sick.”

    My wife laughed and received a stern look from the principal.

  2. I feel so bad for Damian!! It’s terrible that he had to miss out on the qualifying comp! I hope both of you feel better soon.
    Congrats to your sis!

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