“T” Is For…

Taxi– one of my furry masters… Greebo is the other
Tan– something I’ve NEVER EVER had…
Taste– mine is excellent, of course!
Teeth– I don’t like mine, they’re too small, I’ve ground my canines flat, and they’re not white.
Temperature– I like the cooler ones, anything above 16°C is too hot for me.
Text Messages– I used to send a helluva lot of them…
Thanks– something I definitely don’t give enough of, and that I should do a lot more of!
Time– something I never seem to have enough of!
Toffee– one of my favourite kinds of sweet
Torture– knowing Damien is having a bad day at school and that I can do nothing about it
Training– something I’m good at!
Trouble– something I expect when I see the school’s number on my cell phone screen.

This letter T was especially for me from Brigitte over at Just Me. The patent is now pending, I’m going to make a fortune! I didn’t register my name as a copyright soon enough so unfortunately I missed out on the craze a while ago to put my name on everything from CD racks to underwear… I won’t make the same mistake with “T”! Anyhoo, Brigitte was allocated the letter “P” by Just Peachy and Brigitte offered to give her readers a letter if they asked for one. I’ll do the same if you use my comments and ask really nicely…