Still Here…

Was I missed?
Sheesh… I think this has been the longest I’ve ever gone between posts!
Maybe it’s absent season in Blogland or something, hey Terri… Kyknoord…??
Nuh, I dunno. Anyhoo, I am still here, I’ve just been working like mad on a long and very probing set of questions for possible inclusion in a magazine article in September.
To make up for it, here are some pictures I thought were interesting. There’s a griffon; an interesting sign on the back of a truck; a sunset near home; one of the views I see on the way to work; a new pic of my nephew N and home and what the smog over my hometown looks like from the highway…
So, can you tell which is which?

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5 Responses to Still Here…

  1. angel says:

    ooooh… {SIGH}… thank goodness, my neurotic little inner voice was telling me briefly that no-one even miss me!

  2. Dawn says:

    Ok so I am just going to show some real chutzpah here and join the line of your longer standing buddies and sommer gooi some uitkak paraad – don’t do that again and welcome back!!! Hope all is well. xoxoxo

  3. Melany aka Supermom says:

    Welcome back to the blogging world!

  4. Spookie the Warrior says:

    Well. I thought you’d evaporated or something. Don’t never do that again you hear! It’s bad enough when you wonder through blogland and there’s blogall happening and then *you just up and disappear too!! I was feeling pressured holding up the blogland fort there on my own for who knows how friggin long…..(Snik)

    Just stick around alright.

  5. NMOTB says:

    was wondering what happened to u? welcome back!