Once again, JJ has found another way to keep my brain busy on a weekend. This week, we can start our story any way we want- but we have to include all of the following somewhere in the tale we spin… a thong, a gong, a pair of tongs, someone named Wong and a bong. So here goes…

It was a little after 2am on a Thursday, and someone had just hit the gong that stood just outside my front gate. Twice. Now I was really pissed off, as I had only just started relaxing enough to fall asleep… I slowly got out of bed, pulled on my toweling gown and put on my slippers. Whoever was at my gate was getting more and more impatient because between my bedroom door and the gate- the gong was hit three more times. As I got to the gate I was stunned into immobility! There was Wong, in nothing but my security spotlight and a thong! She looked incredible- but she was ranting at me in Chinese or Japanese or something- and her tone of voice implied that her language was far from pretty! Then she bent down, and with a pair of tongs, picked up the elaborate glass bong that she had bought from me a few hours earlier and hurled it at me yelling at the top of her voice: “This one doesn’t work either you stupid bitch! I nearly set fire to my fucking satin bedspread again! Don’t you test your fucking equipment before you sell it to people!” Then she stormed off back up the street. I knew she’d be back in a few hours though… between Wong and her clients they kept me in silk pyjamas with hardly any effort on my part!

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6 Responses to FFF#43

  1. angel says:

    thank you- thank you- send cash in lieu of flowers please!

  2. NMOTB says:

    good one – am beginnig to get addicted to your stories!

  3. Spookie the Warrior says:

    A definite hit!

  4. Writeprocrastinator says:

    “between Wong and her clients they kept me in silk pyjamas with hardly any effort on my part!”

    Heh-heh-heh, quite a picture!

  5. Debby says:

    Short, sweet and very to the point – you continue to amaze me!

  6. Kimy says:

    Nothing paints a better word picture that an angry tart in nothing but a thong : )”stunned into immobility” you are great at stringing words into phrases. Nice work…