So, I Got A Few Things On My Mind

->First up- the naked Britney Spears thing… honestly- I think she looks stunning, no joke! I saw two of the pictures and I LOVE her dark hair. She actually looks happy on the magazine cover!
->Next up- I am sick AGAIN! AAAAAARRRRGHHH!!!! Yet another trip to the doctor, anti-inflammatory meds for my strangely sore neck, antibiotics for my respiratory infection, and a doctors note for today & tomorrow.
->Third- I dreamt about Damien’s father last night. I dreamt that my whole family lived in one huge house together- and Damien’s father moved in. I don’t remember everything- but I do recall something along the lines of it being my parent’s idea and them surprising me with it. I didn’t see Damien in my dream at all- but his father and I rekindled our romantic relationship under his prompting… VERY weird people!
->Fourth- I thoroughly enjoyed my last FFF contribution! The idea came to me last night on the way back from my brother’s place (where I watched the grand prix) and it took me about 30 minutes to write!
->Fifth… do NOT get me started on the Indianapolis F1. Yes- I am a Ferrari fan, and yes- I am ecstatic about yesterday’s result- but I am very disappointed that some of the drivers I really like managed to take themselves and each other with- what I thought- were careless and hurried mistakes.

2 thoughts on “So, I Got A Few Things On My Mind

  1. #Still haven’t seen the noody pics of Brit.
    #Sorry you’ve been sick – are you feeling better today?
    # Very weird dream…..
    #I aslo enjoyed your FFF story
    # Don’t follow the F1 thingy… uuhh “Yay Ferrari….”

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