I Miss My Boy Lots Today…

When I woke up this morning- something was missing… it was a really weird feeling… and I only realised a couple of hours later that it was Damien I missed!

I haven’t spoken to him in 9 days & 11 hours.

I phoned his camp this afternoon and they told me he’s doing well- he’s made some friends and he’s participating and having fun. I’m glad because he can be a bit of a loner sometimes. He’s never been particularly worried about whether he’s alone or with friends and he’s never been particularly keen on group activities (and this doesn’t help at school I can tell you that much- group work in the curriculum 2000 and something program is a huge part of the syllabus).

He could quite happily spend a whole Saturday in his room building with his LEGO or in the lounge attached to the PS2 controller! He once built a massive helicopter out of LEGO and dismantled his electric toothbrush to build the motor into the chopper’s rotor, the whole thing was about 50cm long from nose to tail-rotor! I wish I’d photographed it…

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6 Responses to I Miss My Boy Lots Today…

  1. angel says:

    blue: thanx doll!

    b: very much needed- and deserved on both our parts!

    nmotb: i’m counting them doll!

    jajj: he is gorgeous isn’t he…

    nomad: glad you’re alive bru- “group email thingy” shame on you dude! as for going that long without seeing my boy- i’ve barely managed for less than two weeks, i dunno how you do it!

  2. Reluctant Nomad says:


    I’m still alive. So sorry to have neglected you. But, rest assured, you are not the only one I have neglected.


    PS. Don’t read the other blogs I read as I said the same to them….this sounds suspiciously like a group email thingy.

    PSS. Now you can imagine how much I must miss my kids as it’s almost exactly a year since I saw them

  3. Display Name says:

    Oh Angel, that child of yours really does have the sweetest little face.

  4. NMOTB says:

    Only 3 more sleepies!!!!

  5. b says:

    Not long now and he’ll be home! You have both had a really good break from each other. A very much neede break. And you did well. Love you!

  6. gail says:

    My thoughts are with you Angel as you miss you beautiful boy.I am very glad that he has settled in at the camp.
    Love Blue.