How precious is life…

And how sad that it usually takes someone else’s loss to bring that home to me and to most of us.
Someone my mommy darling worked with and grew very close to over the last few years died last night or early this morning from injuries suffered almost two months ago in a motorcycle accident. I knew her enough to say hello and how’re the kids when I saw her, and I liked her too. My SIL worked for her briefly as an au-pair and liked her very much too. The last few weeks she has been pretty much comatose and on life support as they tried to fix everything and keep her alive at the same time. Her husband and her mother kept my mommy darling up to date on her progress and mommy darling emailed a bunch of people to keep this woman and her family on a strong and never-ending prayer chain. She was also someone who was incredibly full of life and loved her work and her family- she was physically and mentally super-fit and she will be greatly missed by many many people! I am incredibly heart sore for her family and for her two young daughters (both younger than Damien and the sweetest little girls).
It made me stop and count my blessings people!
Keep this family in your prayers Blogland, they’ve got a long hard road ahead of them.

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4 Responses to How precious is life…

  1. angel says:

    nmotb & gail: thanx for your prayers. the memorial service was today (thursday), it was very short but very sad and very sweet!

  2. gail says:

    What a sad post Angel. I have been pray for the family since I read about them here the other day. Love Blue

  3. NMOTB says:

    Ok – that is a shocker! Thought I got yr link crossed wiff someone else – Pretty Damn Cool man!

  4. NMOTB says:

    It is always very sad when someone you love passes away – that is something we are never prepared for, doesn’t matter how prepared you think you are! Remeber when J died? – it feels like yesterday, my thoughts are with those two little girls and the family – you are so right life is precious that is why we have to treasure each moment we have!