Okay Blogland, Here’s A Little Clarification

On exactly how I managed to finagle my way into a women’s magazine…
It all started with an email from a fellow South African mommy blogger (who will also be in the same magazine- just not sure if we’ll be in the same issue) forwarding a message from a journalist at the magazine asking if I knew of women who are “survivors” and if so, to contact her.
I subsequently sent the magazine my SIL’s details and told them a little about my nephew N and his short arms (after I checked with my SIL to make sure she wouldn’t mind). SIL said she was game and had a long conversation with a journalist who then sent a list of questions for SIL to answer for the article.
Then I got another email saying she needed a few more women for her article, so I then sent her the name of another blogging friend who no longer blogs (who has survived A LOT) and my sister C’s details (she’s survived alcoholism, rehab and a divorce). Sister C said I could submit her details if I told the journalist about myself as well. My argument was that I have not yet actually survived anything yet… and sister C said I must tell her about raising Damien alone and I dutifully did so. As it turned out sister C was unfortunately a little young for their target market, and a while later the journalist emailed me saying she was still short an interviewee and would I like to take part? I (ever so modestly of course) jumped at the chance!
She sent me a long list of VERY thought provoking questions and I think I may have gone a little overboard answering them (she’s gonna have to edit like mad), but what it basically boiled down to was how I have so far survived raising Damien alone and dealing with his being an ADDer. She also asked me if I had advice for other single moms raising ADDers, which really made me think.
Then when I mailed her mine and SIL’s answers and started making arrangements for the photo-shoot, I could have kicked myself because I suddenly thought of so many women I know who would be more worthy of being included in a magazine article about survivors than I am!
So that’s what happened, the magazine gave me a web address but unless I’m super thick I can’t find anything on the page to do with them! www.memagazine.co.za… Maybe you can!
Sorry I’ve been so scarce by the way…